Christian gang won big at casino blackjack

Christian gang won big at casino blackjack
"It doesn’t seem like one of the most noble 
things a person could do in the world, 
but at least we could liberate the money 
from the clutches of those who would use it 
for ill purposes…that’s a start."

In five years, a group of Christians used card-counting – or "advantage play" techniques that are banned by casinos – to win big money playing blackjack. Did they lie, and was it justified? And were they still being good Christians?

There’s a documentary, and one former member now teaches others how to count cards:

Colin Jones has toiled in the cacophonous, windowless, artificially lighted corridors of casinos across the country in an effort to beat the house with math. He has worked to master the art of card counting, long scorned by casino operators, in which players try to gain an advantage over a blackjack dealer by keeping track of all the cards seen, and then adjusting their bets…

Until last year, he and his high school friend from Bible camp, Ben Crawford, ran a group of more than 30 religious card counters. Based in Seattle, the rotating cast of players says it won $3.2 million over five years all while regularly attending church, leading youth groups and studying theology.

But first Jones and his group had to wrestle with the apparent moral paradox: Should Christians be counting cards?

Holy Rollers-The True Story of Card Counting Christians


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– Holy Rollers-The True Story of Card Counting Christians
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– Holy Rollers>>

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