Why the hitman used two bottles of ketchup

Why the hitman used two bottles of ketchup
Lupita (Erenildes Aguiar Araujo)
was targeted for murder

Maria knew her man was having an affair with Lupita, and she was so angry she wanted her dead. She decided to kill her by hiring a hitman. She found Carlos, an ex-con who needed a job. He agreed to kill Lupita for less than $500.

Why the hitman used two bottles of ketchup
Maria Nilza Simoes, angry housewife

Why the hitman used two bottles of ketchup
Carlos Roberto de Jesus, hired hitman

But when hitman Carlos found Lupita, he was surprised to discover that he knew her. Lupita was a friend he had known when he was a kid. There was no way he was going to be able to murder her, even for $500. Then again, it was almost $500. He approached Lupita and explained the situation.

Carlos led her into the forest, armed with a machete.

He also had two bottles of ketchup.

He tied her up, placed a gag around her mouth, lay her on the ground and smeared ketchup all over the top of her body. She helped by tearing her own shirt.  Carlos took the machete and placed it between her torso and her arm. Then he took Lupita’s photo with his cell phone.

He showed Maria the photo of the supposedly dead Lupita on his phone. She was convinced, and paid him his money.

Why the hitman used two bottles of ketchup
Lupita’s death photo

Three days later, Maria happened to see her hitman. He was kissing Lupita, who he’d fallen in love with.

Maria was so angry she wanted justice. She went to the police and said Carlos had robbed her.

When Carlos was brought in, he said that’s not exactly what happened…

Carlos, Lupita and Maria were all charged with crimes.

Carlos skipped town.

Maria was ridiculed for believing that the fake execution picture was real.

Lupita became a local celebrity. She was known as the "ketchup woman".

People asked her to enter local politics.

They wanted her to get elected to a seat in the local town hall.

Why the hitman used two bottles of ketchup
Afterwards, as the "ketchup woman", 
Lupita dyed her hair red.

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  1. I want to see a picture of Maria’s man, the one having an affair with Lupita, with his eyes rolling upwards. Where is his photo?

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