We’re number one! (Even when we lie!)

We're number one! (Even when we lie!)
Would we lie to you?

Which colleges are best?

The magazine US News & World Report publishes the "America’s Best Colleges" issue. That’ll tell you, right?

Except that many of the rankings have been deceptively manipulated by the colleges, hungry to raise their position on the list.

You see, the rankings come from data submitted directly by the colleges, in an "honor system" with very little cross-checking to assure accuracy.

And – how surprising – some colleges have submitted fake data.

In one instance, Claremont McKenna College reported higher SAT scores for its incoming freshmen over a six year period, inflating its rank.

Oddly, students don’t care as much about the rankings. They’re more concerned with things like where the school’s located, if it has the right subjects to study, and if they can afford it.

Who does care? The media – who love to report the rank of a school – and the colleges themselves, who want the status gained by being higher up on the list.

A survey of college admission officers found that over 80% said the college rankings were misleading to students, and that they caused colleges to engage in counter-productive behavior.

Of course, the same survey found that 70% said their college boasted of their ranking in their marketing materials.

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One thought on “We’re number one! (Even when we lie!)

  1. Americans are so obsessed w lists. Its just like movie reviews where one is better than one other. Why put them in ranks? What about groups of top, middle, last?

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