Trust me – you must watch this video

Trust me - you must watch this video
Sprinkling powder – this is when the artist has his moment 
of art inspiration.

I’m not going to tell you details about this video. It seems as if artist Clayton Sotos is explaining his creative process in a long commercial promoting Dell computers. But I promise you that the three minutes and thirty seconds you spend watching it will be worth it. You might get a little bored in the middle, but I assure you that if you watch closely, in the end you’ll be rewarded.

NOTE – Do not have any liquids in your mouth while watching the last part of this video.

ALSO NOTE – This video might be slightly NSFW in the end.

Visual Innovators – Clayton Sotos for Dell computer

Clayton Sotos – Visual Innovators from Visual Innovators on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “Trust me – you must watch this video

  1. You were right. It was definitely worth watching until the end. Thanks for the warning about no liquids but you also should have said don’t watch this in your office, not because it’s NSFW but because you’ll laugh so hard everyone in the office will come over and wonder what you’re laughing at and you’ll have to show them and you’ll get no work done for the next hour.

  2. Smackdown Dell for linking to "art" and smackdown pretentious art snobs for thinking there shit is art. Smackdown!

  3. Parodies are getting so good now it’s impossible to tell if they’re true or not. In this one, you could think it’s true even after you watch it since there are no obvious clues to give it away.

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