Tricky old toys that pee for you

Tricky old toys that pee for you
"Manneken Pis" is the name of the famous 
peeing boy statue in Brussels, Belgium.

The statue of a urinating kid in Belgium has been around since the 1600s. So it’s inevitable that popular culture would imitate him, though in a much cruder way.

Tricky old toys that pee for you
Bring a bit of Belgium culture into your bar!

This "Bubble Boy" ad appeared in "Man’s Life" magazine in September 1956. If you were looking for a mildly deceptive gag, this ad promised satisfaction.

Why wouldn’t you send in a dollar, with intriguing ad copy like this?

"No gears, no pump, no charged water. Works in regular faucet water for 10 to 30 minutes. Confuse your Friends with a phoney action Hi-ball."

And then for some odd reason it gives away the secret method: "Alka Seltz. tablet in secret base!"

Tricky old toys that pee for you
The actual Bubble Boy you would receive.

Maybe "Novelty House" was trying to weed out those who thought they were buying a perpetual motion urination machine.

Tricky old toys that pee for you
The Bubbling Baby who urinates
because of science.

This bubbling baby toy operated on an entirely different
principle, and did not invoke the famous fountain. You used your fingers
to hold the glass tube behind the naked
celluloid baby, and the liquid in front of the baby would bubble. It
works because the liquid’s in a vacuum, and the increased heat from
your fingers raises the temperature of the liquid to its boiling point,
making it bubble and look like the baby’s pissing in a glass pot. It’s
deceptive if you’re ignorant of the mysterious ways of atmospheric pressure.

The two peeing boy toys above might have been deceptive, but others functioned as practical jokes.

Tricky old toys that pee for you
This Weepy the Wee-Wee 
is from the 1940s. 
Push the button and he squirts.

I remember seeing one of these gag versions of the "boy who pees on you" on my
uncle’s bar when I was little. (He didn’t actually own a barroom – his bar sat in his basement "rec room" around the
corner from the "furnace room" which contained both a furnace and a
stockpile of canned and dried goods to prepare for the coming nuclear apocalypse.)

Though they’re cute and retro now, these kinds of toys for adults, with their
aura of cheap beer and risque displays of body parts, spooked me when I was
a kid.

Tricky old toys that pee for you
Little squirt, from the 1970s.
"Fun for all!"

With "Little Squirt", just as with "Weepy the Wee-Wee" above, you had to push down on something to make him pee. In Squirt’s case, you pushed down on the book and he raised his
glasses and peed. Not sure why you’d push down on the book all by
yourself, so these gags probably required someone standing nearby saying
"Push on it, go ahead, come on, push on it!" Their enthusiasm likely negated
any potential deceptiveness.

Tricky old toys that pee for you
The Out-House novelty. 
Fill it up with a little chamber pot.

When curiosity gets the best of you, as it must when you see this cheap plastic version of an outhouse, you open the door and the hillbilly boy spins around and squirts on you. This one seems to be the only gag here that might work as an actual deceptive trick: "What’s that hillbilly boy doing? I can’t tell. Is it something rude? I’d better open up this little door and see…"

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2 thoughts on “Tricky old toys that pee for you

  1. I have a whimsical miniature hard plastic novelty peeing boy. He stands 3-3/4” tall. He has a soft plastic hat which you can take off to fill him with water. You squeeze the cone shaped head to make him pee. Any ideas how old he is and how much he is worth?

  2. It’s impossible without photos and more info. One way to discover if your peeboy is worth anything is taking a look on ebay for toys that are similar-looking and have sold. What did someone pay? There you go.

    I can say that almost everything is worth less than you want it to be worth. If that’s true, sell him to reduce clutter, or display him to amuse your friends.

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