This kid is sick… can you help? (A Facebook scam)

This kid is sick... can you help? (A Facebook scam)
Poor little Chucky has cancer

Hoaxers and scammers are taking photos of sick children and posting them to Facebook.

The hoaxers, who do this for fun, say that every time the image of the child is shared, Facebook will donate money to the child. That’s not true.

The scammers, who do this to get your money, ask you to donate money directly for the child’s medical expenses. That’s not true, either.

A group of scam-fighting websites are trying to provoke Facebook to do more to eliminate these scams, hoping Facebook can create an algorithm that detects certain key words and finds misused images.

Scam fighting websites:

– Hoax-Slayer>>
– That’s Nonsense>>
– The Bulldog Estate>>
– Facecrooks>>
– Facebookprivacyandsecurity>>

– Facebook hoax: this child’s got a cancer. Friending Facebook, ZDNet>>
– Anti-scam websites beg Facebook to remove sick baby hoaxes. Friending Facebook, ZDNet>>

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