Prisoner’s pig-spotted cow pranks police

Prisoner's pig-spotted cow pranks police
Like a sneaky optical illusion, it was 
in plain sight, but nobody noticed.

A sharp-eyed police sergeant noticed something wrong with one of the official Vermont State Police seals adorning all the police cars.

The official seal is not supposed to have a pig on it.

Vermont prisoners not only make license plates, but create graphic design products, including the police decals. Evidently, at some point an unknown prisoner had altered the design, changing one of the spots on the cow to look like a pig, which used to be a much more derogatory term for a police officer.

The decal was attached to as many as 30 police cruisers.

Imagine how many times this prankster inmate – who may have already been released from prison by the time his prank was discovered – chuckled to himself, knowing what he’d done.

Authorities determined that the unauthorized pig had been on various police cars for four years.

Police will remove all the decals with the pig-imprinted cow.

I think they should make it into a t-shirt design.

Prisoner's pig-spotted cow pranks police
"Hey, wait a minute, I thought Vermont 
was known for milk, not bacon."

Pigs on police cars? Prank by Vermont inmates adorns decals, Burlington Free Press>>

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2 thoughts on “Prisoner’s pig-spotted cow pranks police

  1. I heard some citizens were sending around a petition to keep the pig. Maybe it was even called "Keep the Pig!" Man, they have nothing to do in those boring Vermont winters.

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