The “money making machine” scam

The "money making machine" scam
"This machine turns out real, 
bona-fide currency of the realm!
Good American dollar bills!"

Read a cautionary tale about "the money-making machine swindlers", from the 1948 comic book Justice Traps the Guilty #6 (Based on true FBI stories and police cases!) It begins:

My name used to be Stella Brady – before I traded my enviable rights as a law abiding citizen for a number and a cell… perhaps I can make some atonement for my crime by exposing the cheap swindle in which I was involved – the confidence scheme that flourished on greed!

I’ll always regret the day I joined "the money-making machine swindlers"!

This scam is based on a real life con-game called the "Rumanian Box" that was pulled off by conman "Count" Victor Lustig in the early 1900s. The scam involved selling a realistic-looking "counterfeiting" machine to a greedy victim for a large sum of money. The scammers would feed a blank paper into the machine and create a counterfeit bill that the victim could check out at a bank and prove it to look just as good as real money. That’s because the counterfeit bill actually was real money that was hidden inside the machine. The "counterfeiting" part of the machine was fake. But once the victim figured that out, the swindlers would be long gone.

The "money making machine" scam
"I can’t believe my eyes! Yet it’s true!"
Page one of the "Money-Making 
Machine Swindlers"
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The "money making machine" scam
"Oh dear, why must some people have to  
work all the time for a living?"
Page two of the "Money-Making 
Machine Swindlers"
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Read the rest of the story here: Justice Traps the Guilty #6 ~ Sept-Oct/1948, Art by Jack Kirby, A. C. Hollingsworth & Al Feldstein, Golden Age Comic Book Stories>>
–    Victor Lustig, Biography>>

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