Man cuts off friend’s hand for insurance money

Man cuts off friend's hand for insurance money
How much is a severed hand worth?

You know sometimes when you read a story, you want to know a bit more, especially when it concerns a guy purposely amputating a friend’s hand with a chainsaw.

Gerald B. Hardin, from Cayce, South Carolina, was arrested in a plot to defraud an insurance company. He and two others hatched a plan to cut off one of their hands with a chain saw and then file an insurance claim. Initially, it worked. (I guess the severed hand was proof enough.) They got $671,000.

Somehow, they were caught.

But can you imagine the scenario? Three guys are sitting around, wondering how they could make some big money, and one guy goes: "Hey, I’ve got an idea! I’ll bet a severed hand is worth lots of money…"

I’m gonna claim "AWI". (Alcohol Was Involved.)

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– Fake severed hand by Monstermann, (Lars Havemann) at Deviant Art>>

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6 thoughts on “Man cuts off friend’s hand for insurance money

  1. What the hell? More than alcohol, I think it was South Carolina inbreeding. Damn.

  2. Did the first prosecutor hand off the case to another? He probably couldn’t grasp the finer details…

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