He scammed an old Catholic nun

He scammed an old Catholic nun
Some saw religious belief.
Adriano Sotomayor saw gold.

Adriano Sotomayor contacted an old woman who was a nun, a member of the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima. He said he was a Catholic priest and that one of his parishioners had recently died and left her an estate valued at $2.1 million, but there were fees that needed to be paid to get the will out of probate.

She must have thought it was a miracle.

Over two years, he convinced her, members of her Catholic order, and others that his story was true. Twenty-four people sent him over $430,000. He must have had a very convincing story, because his victims were not suspicious about wiring money to him at various casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

He was later captured in Las Vegas.

– FBI Wanted poster for Adriano Sotomayor>>
– FBI Nabs Bogus Priest Who Ripped Off Elderly Nun In Fake Will Scam, Forbes>>

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