Get girls with “The Pedophile’s Guide to Facebook”

Get girls with "The Pedophile's Guide to Facebook"
Many teenage girls love bad boy surfers

From a chapter on fostering May-December relationships, in William R. Ainsworth’s spurious handbook on sexual relationships between older men and young teen girls, "The Pedophile’s Guide to Facebook":

First, realize that very few girls and young teens want to have sex with 50-year old guys, unless those guys are famous rock stars. I assume you’re not that famous, so you’ve got to be creative.

Sign up with Facebook and pretend to be a guy who’s around the same ages as the girls you want. It’s easy to find photos of young guys on the internet, so steal a few good ones. Look for young surfers. That way, you can easily send shirtless photos to the girls without them thinking it’s creepy. Since you’re going to be on Facebook, steal the photos from another site, like MySpace. Search for 18-19 year olds who look a little younger.

Young girls usually want a more mature boy, but they’ll be willing to go up or down a few years, so if you pretend to be a mature 15, you’ll attract girls around that age.

Do this twice, so you’ve made up two fake guys who are friends with each other, or are maybe stepbrothers. Avoid saying they’re actual brothers, since you won’t have any photos of them together.

You’re going to pretend that these guys are rebels and "bad boys" who’ve run away from home and dropped out of school. Make up a story about how they’re currently not living in the same place (again, because you won’t have photos of them together.)

These guys should pretend to have attended a school or lived close to the area you actually live in, but now they live far away in California or Florida or somewhere they can be free to surf.

I should have mentioned that you also want to create another profile of a guy who’s around your age, who’s cool. You can use your real photo here if you want. After getting some younger friends, your surfer guys can "friend" this guy.

Get into conversations with any girls attracted to your profile. You can even ask for friends by saying you’re lonely and need someone to talk to. The hardest part is being patient enough to get that first girl. Once you have her, you will attract her friends.

The following subjects are good to talk about:

– Your family doesn’t understand you.
– How hard it was when your family got divorced.
– How much you hate stepmother or stepfather.
– About your decision to run away to get your freedom.
– Why you decided to bulk up your body because you were picked on so much in elementary school.
– Your family was against drugs and alcohol even though they did drugs and drank.

Talk about these subjects just enough to get the girls talking with you, and encourage them to share their feelings by agreeing with whatever they say.

Try to remember your flirting skills from when you were in middle school and high school, but remember, you want to come across as more confident. Tell them you wish you had a girlfriend because you don’t have one now. Start some private conversations about sex and love. Try to get them to send you a sexy photo. Compliment her on how she looks. Depending on how sexy her photo is, up the stakes by seeing how much she’ll reveal in her photo.

After a few weeks or months of this, you’ve got to pretend that one of these guys dies. It’s good to kill the guy who the girls first talked to, so they’ll be more upset when he’s dead.

You can either have him kill himself, or be the victim of some kind of violence. Accidental death is not as good. When I did this I had him beaten up by a mob and go into a coma. That makes the drama linger until he dies.

Now you have one guy left, who can really open up about how he feels about the other guy’s death, and how life is short. But you really want the girls to open up about the dead guy, so you can comfort them, and how you’d really want to comfort them in person. Focus on the most attractive girls who are the most upset about the death.

The remaining guy must talk about how he’s been getting money from the older, cool guy. Tell the girls that the cool guy’s willing to pay girls for erotic photos. Say to the girls: "Maybe if you had enough money you could run away and join me. If you don’t have the money, he could get you the money…"

Get the girls to send nude pictures to the cool guy, and gradually reveal that he would pay lots more for sex.

The cool guy must be up front about what he wants. He should say he’s looking for Sugarbabies who want support from a Sugardaddy. Don’t confuse the issue by having the cool guy say he loves them. The cool guy is there to pay them for sex so they can be with the surfer guy they really love.

In this way, you can collect a stable of willing girls.

Source: AG: Pa. man’s Facebook ‘surfer’ page lured teens, CBS News>>

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