6 uncannily fake baby videos

6 uncannily fake baby videos
A dirty baby head animatronic rests on a workbench.

Not all special effects are digital – fake babies are still constructed for film and television work, and for collectors who want highly realistic replicas.

A highly realistic baby made of silicon

This fake baby named Jenesys doesn’t move but is highly realistic.

A fake preemie

A premature animatronic baby was made by Millennium FX for the BBC TV movie "This Little Life". 

The baby without any skin

An animatronic baby, shown without skin, was built by Chris Clarke for CNFX Workshop. 

 Constructing a baby

Another Chris Clarke creation. Here he shows the evolution of the construction of an animatronic baby made for an ad campaign.

Realistic skinless crawling baby robot 

It’s called the iCub. I’ve cheated here, because this robot is not the age of a baby; it’s actually one of many robots built to emulate a 3-1/2 year-old to study human "cognition, learning, and mobility."

A fake baby and mother vaginal birth

No, this is not where fake babies come from. It’s a training aid for nurses. And depending on where you work or your personal sensibilities (even though all the naughty bits are fake) it might not be safe, so it deserves a modified NSFW tag. Or at least a "Yikes."

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