The $18 sub sandwich sting

The $18 sub sandwich sting
You don’t mess with submarine
sandwiches in this town.

A short con is a scam where the rewards are immediate, and the scammer disappears to con again.

A woman in Toms River, New Jersey went to various sub shops saying she’d bought food there which had made her ill, and wanted a cash refund.

Employees at one shop became suspicious. (The news reports don’t say why. I’d say she was an amateur.) The store owner contacted other sub shops and learned that this blond woman in her mid-30s had also tried this at various local sub shops, and he contacted police.

She’d never eaten any food at any of these places – she just was trying to get some quick cash.

It sounds like the police may have set up a sub sting operation, because after the woman, named Jennifer Eberling, aged 34, received an $18 refund at one place, police caught her and charged her with "theft by deception."

(In a side note, Toms River, New Jersey has been used to film scenes from the MTV reality show Jersey Shore.)

– Woman Charged with Theft, Asking for Refunds for Sandwiches She Never Ordered, BrickPatch>>
– I stole the Jersey Mike’s sub image from here: Chu on This>>

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One thought on “The $18 sub sandwich sting

  1. I hope the sub shops she was scamming weren’t owned by the mob, or the cops would be the least of her problems.

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