10 years Brigitte Marier’s been lying

10 years Brigitte Marier's been lying
Five of Brigitte’s faces

In 2000, a woman named Brigitte Marier is arrested in Florida for, in legal terms, "theft, uttering forged instrument, and grand theft," which means she stole money, possibly by passing a forged check.

A year later, she’s in Colorado Springs, Colorado, waitressing at a Denny’s restaurant and calling herself Brigitte Cleroux. She meets a man named Brian Andrews and gets pregnant. His mom helps her get a job as a nurse. But she doesn’t have the required education or license, and is caught and arrested. She convinces the judge she has business in Florida and promises she’ll be back.

She never returns.

While in Florida, Brigitte Marier is charged with having a false ID and possessing blank prescription forms.

In 2002, she has a daughter.

She marries a man named Mario.

In 2006, she’s in Canada, and is arrested, fined and sentenced to six months in jail for impersonating a nurse at a hospital.

She befriends a family named Fournier, who move into her house. When the Fournier’s move out, they leave lots of their stuff in Brigitte Marier’s basement.

When they send someone to pick it up, it’s gone.

She steals the Fournier name to get a temporary ID card, and goes to work as a nurse by forging a nurse’s permit.

She leaves her nursing job and begins working as a teacher. She’s liked by students and staff. The only problem is her frequent absences. She tells them she has to leave a lot because she has skin cancer.

She doesn’t have skin cancer. During her absences, she’s starting a hair salon.

In 2009, Brigitte Marier and a woman named Cheryl open a hair salon. But when Cheryl goes to get her kids from school one day, the principal shows her something on his computer – mug shots of Brigitte Marier. He tells her she’s not a schoolteacher, not a nurse, doesn’t have a license to be a hairdresser…

She’s fired as a teacher. The hair salon closes.

Marier and her husband and daughter move out of their rental home, owing three months back rent.

Police say she’s been arrested again.

As of 2012, she’s about 40 years old. There’s no word on exactly where she is right now.

– A decade of deception; Staff at a Calgary school were not the first to be fooled by an alleged string of cons and false identities that police across North America have linked to Brigitte Marier, Calgary Herald>>
– Woman’s bogus credentials got her teaching, nursing jobs, The Star Phoenix>>

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15 thoughts on “10 years Brigitte Marier’s been lying

  1. I know Brigitte since i’m 4 years old, her mom was best friends with my mom,she was like my older sister, i’m the only person that truly knows her, she’s a pathologial liar. She’s been in trouble with the law since she’s 16 years old, but she’s always been there for me when i needed her. She’s curently incarcerated in a penetenciary near Montreal QC Canada.

  2. Actually shes a f***ing c**t of a woman i had her as a teacher and she can rot in that cell. Shes the nastiest meanest person on the face of the earth i had panic attacks because of her she didnt know how to teach and she showed us porn on the computer in french class

  3. To "Anonymous" above:

    Was Brigitte always this way, ever since you knew her, or do you think something happened to her that made her a pathological liar? Most people with this problem have trouble trusting anyone. Did she trust you?

  4. She’s been like this ever since i’ve known her, She always lied to me can never tell me the truth but i knew who she really was, she loves to live a big life and it seems she was often competing but although she was like my big sister, funny thing is i can always trust her, she would never do anything to me. I know that my sound crazy. Brigitte definitely has a lying pathological problem. If she really loves you and cares for you she will do anything for you. She has the biggest heart. She’s not a bad person in character that’s why people always felt as though they can trust her.She’s always had an interest to become a nurse but because of her criminal backround she would never be able to become a nurse, but i’m sure if she didn’t have all these problems she could have went to school and get her real licence to become a great nurse because she had alot of knowledge. She can fool anybody. What’s sad in this is her beautiful daughter who is now well taken care of.

  5. That’s the real tragedy in these stories: the innocents who get hurt, like her daughter. I’m glad she’s okay.

    I’m not a doctor, but it does sound like she has a mental illness such as compulsive lying, where she’s addicted to lying in the same way that an alcoholic or drug addict is compelled to drink or take drugs despite all the harm it may cause.

    She probably knows she’s doing it but can’t help herself from lying, and then justifies her choices: "Well, even if I’m lying to get this job as a teacher, at least I’m helping the kids…"

    And the funny thing is, she might actually be helping people, although she also could be putting them at risk, such as when she worked at a nurse.

    What causes this? It’s likely that her brain is predisposed to lie by genetics, and something in her environment or upbringing helped make it worse.

    Did you ever suggest to her they she might need some sort of help?

  6. She is in Ottawa. She was working at Lucas Salon on Laurier. She cut my hair… this is pretty shocking.

  7. Why would you let her cut your hair? Brigitte is not qualified or certified to do shit other than lie and steal. Did you atleast report this to her boss and authorities?

  8. Does this woman have some kind of mental illness? Because it sounds like she can’t stop herself.

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