Why was her iPad made out of clay?

Why was her iPad made out of clay?
This was not the present he wanted to give his wife.

Mark Sandhu bought his wife an iPad 2 for Christmas. When she opened his gift, she was surprised to find a plastic bag full of modeling clay.

"I look at him, I’m kind of in shock. What, is this a joke?" said his wife.

Her husband had not intended the gift to be a prank. And when he tried to return the clay iPad, the manager thought he was the one trying to get away with a scam. (He eventually got an apology, a refund and a free iPad 2, but was still mad at the way he was treated.)

He was not the only one who had purchased the fake iPad. At least 10 other buyers had been scammed. Scammers had bought the products with cash, taken them out of the boxes, repackaged them to look as if they hadn’t been opened, and returned them, where they went back on the shelves to be resold.

Fake iPad 2s made of clay sold at B.C. stores, CTV News>>

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