This French gang does underground good

This French gang does underground good
Like the Harry Tuttle character in the movie "Brazil",
they want to fix rather than destroy the state.

A group in France known as UX (for "Urban eXperiment") operates like a secretive criminal gang, except this is a gang of conservative physical-world hackers, fixing up problems by "restoring those invisible parts of our patrimony that the government has abandoned or doesn’t have the means to maintain." They share some of the skills and obsessions as criminals, but they work as anti-criminals, exposing security flaws in museums and doing other good works:

What has made much of this work possible is UX’s mastery, established 30 years ago and refined since, of the city’s network of underground passagewayshundreds of miles of interconnected telecom, electricity, and water tunnels, sewers, catacombs, subways, and centuries-old quarries. Like computer hackers who crack digital networks and surreptitiously take control of key machines, members of UX carry out clandestine missions throughout Paris’ supposedly secure underground tunnels and rooms. The group routinely uses the tunnels to access restoration sites and stage film festivals, for example, in the disused basements of government buildings.

This French gang does underground good
 One of their good works was secretly restoring a clock.

UX’s most sensational caper (to be revealed so far, at least) was
completed in 2006. A cadre spent months infiltrating the Pantheon, the
grand structure in Paris that houses the remains of France’s most
cherished citizens. Eight restorers built their own secret workshop in a
storeroom, which they wired for electricity and Internet access and
outfitted with armchairs, tools, a fridge, and a hot plate. During the
course of a year, they painstakingly restored the Pantheon’s 19th- century clock, which had not chimed since the 1960s…

So who are they, and what’s their real purpose?

The members of UX are not rebels, subversives,
guerrillas, or freedom fighters, let alone terrorists. They didn’t
repair the clock to embarrass the state, nor do they entertain dreams of
overthrowing it. Everything they do is intended for their own
consumption; indeed, if they can be accused of anything, it’s
narcissism. The group is partly responsible for the fact that it is
misunderstood. Its members acknowledge that most of its external
communications are intended as misdirectiona way to discourage public
officials or others from meddling in its operations…

Read what happened after they secretly restored the clock, and other exploits: The New French Hacker-Artist Underground, Wired>>

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