The stupid kidnapping scam

The stupid kidnapping scam
Desperation might have fueled this scam.

Patricia Swanson, a 73-year-old woman in Sharon, Vermont, received a disturbing phone call. A man said he had kidnapped her 19-year old grandaughter Megan Swanson and demanded $600 cash in 15 minutes or he would kill her.

Ms. Swanson told him she could "not get that kind of money."

She did get the money, however, after she called police. She dropped it off at the appointed spot. Police soon stopped the car that picked it up and found three people inside: two men, and kidnap victim Megan.

The two men – Kevin Emery Jr. and Joshua Rice – were both in their young twenties. They, along with Megan, were hoping to scam her grandmother out of some money so they could pay a drug debt.

It’s unlikely Megan will receive a birthday card this year from grandma.

Granddaughter Faked Kidnapping To Scam Grandmother. Suspects Needed Money To Pay Drug Debt, WPTZ>>
Image is a vintage postcard from picturesque Sharon, Vermont.

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2 thoughts on “The stupid kidnapping scam

  1. actually megan did recieve a birthday card from me and if you knew what ACTUALLY happened instead of writing what is "alleged" of happening you might be better off. idiots

  2. Dear "Anonymous"
    re: Megan’s birthday card

    You are free to write a comment or send an email and let us know what actually happened.

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