A story of sex, impersonation and lies

A story of sex, impersonation and lies
Are you Aaron, Connor, Luke…
or some other guy?

A nineteen-year old created three identities: Aaron Lampard, Connor McCormack and Luke Jones. Each had their own Facebook pages, their own personalities and their distinctive ways of dressing. Two of the fake identities – Aaron and Connor – dated two younger girls at the same time. These girls were friends who knew each other, but not that they were both dating the same guy. They surely didn’t know that the same guy was making out with both of them by kissing, cuddling and petting.

But one of the girls became suspicious and uncovered the fake "Connor" as he slept in her bedroom.  When she took off his hat she realized that the Connor she was dating was also dating her friend, but under the disguise of Aaron.

So far, it sounds like high school drama, except that the fraudulent boy was 19 and the girls were 15 and 16 years old. Now the story veers off into the territory of sexual exploitation of a child, and rape by deception.

The police were called. They went to "Aaron’s" home, and "Aaron" said his alibi was that he was in the hospital and not with the girl. Police exposed that as a lie. Then he said he had an alibi from his female friend Gemma Barker. Finally, he decided to implicate one of his impersonations, and sent an email as "Luke Jones", saying that "Luke" was the one who had assaulted the young girl.

Police arrested Aaron Lampard.

(At some point in all this, "Aaron" also fractures his own jaw and claims that "Luke" did it, and that "Luke" had forced him to pretend to be "Aaron".)

When Aaron was taken into custody, the police were in for a bit of a shock. Not only was Aaron not Aaron, but Aaron was not a young man.

All the fake characters had been created by a 19-year-old woman named Gemma Barker.

She had worn baggy clothing and a hoody as a disguise.

Oddly, her15-year old victim, the one Gemma Barker dated pretending to be Connor McCormack, also knew both the fake Aaron and the real Gemma Barker, and had once kissed the third fake character, "Luke Jones".

Gemma Barker pleaded guilty to two charges.

On her Facebook page, Gemma says she is an actress.

She also says "I live to make people laugh."

A story of sex, impersonation and lies
Gemma Barker

Further news, from the BBC:

Probation and psychological reports found Barker had autism spectrum
disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, commonly known as

But the judge said she was "deceptive and deceitful" and had planned the offences.

"Nothing that you have ever said to any expert or the police
sheds any light on, or provides any understanding of, your motivation
for these offences," he told her.

"Nor have I nor anyone else seen any flicker of remorse for what you have done."

She received 30-months for sexual assault and three months for fraud, to run concurrently.

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3 thoughts on “A story of sex, impersonation and lies

  1. Gemma Barker exhibited compulsive pathological lying, with extreme risk-taking, without consideration for, or responsibility for the consequences of her deceits and lies. She lived through a false self (and multiple false selves) She was delusional and a ‘fantasist.’ She was self-obsessed. She was attention-seeking. She exerted power and control. She showed lack of emotional remorse and lack of conscience. She obsessively messed with the minds (and bodies)of others…ie manipulation.
    Surely Gemma Barker may be a Sociopath /or a Psychopath/ or has a personality disorder such as Borderline Personality Disorder, and needs help rather than a custodial sentence.

  2. agreed!

    finally someone with some real perspective on this.

  3. Most people in prison likely suffer from some sort of mental illness. In her case the judge says nothing has shed any light on her motivation. Maybe she honestly doesn’t know why she did what she did because something is wrong with her brain.

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