The scary maze game prank

The scary maze game prank
The original scary maze prank video

Anyone who’s been on the internet for a while has probably seen this prank. If you haven’t, you can experience it here right now. First, you must play the scary maze yourself.

The Maze

Instructions: Try to keep the small dark blue square within the light blue background, and don’t touch the walls. Navigate to the red box. If you get there, the screen automatically advances to the next level:

Go HERE to play the maze>>

Did it work for you? Even though you know what’s going to happen, it still works. You’re just too concentrated not to react.

When you’re done with that, watch this video of a young boy playing the scary maze game.

The Scary Maze Game Video>>

As a parent myself, I have the same response as one of the commenters: I
laughed at the first part, and after the kid’s reaction, I knew I was
going to hell.

But what really matters is what the parents did after
the video was over. I think that kid deserved lots of reassuring hugs
and an ice cream sundae. Then maybe he’ll laugh about it later. (Until he finds he’s all over the internet as the scared kid who cries. Then the therapy begins.)

The "maze scaring the kid" video has spawned a huge number of imitators, as people post videos of their friends and relatives getting scared by the maze. Advertisers have also used the concept to create their own new videos, with new types of scares. Take a look at this one, from an old Deceptology post: Pranking horny boys online>>

Here’s another version of the original, which is a prank within a prank:

Scary Maze Game Reaction with Monitor Punch

I remembered this prank because it was on a list called Greg Rutter’s Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something>>

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