Police respond to armed man on porch

Police respond to armed man on porch
Why did this man cause Tammy Moore
to be charged with inducing panic?

One night, a woman called 911 to report that there was a stranger sitting on her front porch:

"I turned on the porch light, and they’re sitting right there on the porch on the steps… It looks like they have a gun barrel sticking out of them."

When police responded, they saw the man, who was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, clutching a beer bottle and brandishing a shotgun.

He refused all orders to drop the gun.

One deputy snuck up behind him and stuck his assault rifle into his back.

That’s when the deputy realized the truth of the situation.

Tammy Moore, who was related to the woman who discovered the nighttime visitor, was charged with a misdemeanor offense. She was responsible for the man sitting on the porch. I’ll bet she was charged because the police were not amused, because the man sitting in the dark holding the beer bottle and the toy gun was a mannequin.

Police respond to armed man on porch
Everything’s clearer under brighter lights
at the police station.

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