Mon Dieu! It’s a bomb! No, it’s gold! No, it’s…

Mon Dieu! It's a bomb! No, it's gold! No, it's...
What was inside this heavy,
locked metal box?

Police found a suspicious box in a train near Paris. The bomb squad was called out. The box didn’t contain a bomb. Instead, inside the box were 44 pounds (20 kg) of gold ingots. Speculation was rampant: Who would have left a box full of gold worth 800,000 euros (over $1 million U.S.) on a train?

Turns out, nobody.

The ingots were gold, but only in a tiny layer on the surface, and even that layer may not be real gold. They were fake gold ingots. Underneath, no gold.

Police think the fake bars of gold might have been part of some sort of scam.

Maybe it was this gold scam, which I wrote about before, called, appropriately enough, the gold brick scam: How to seduce a victim with the gold brick scam>>

French police say gold ingots left on train are fake. Moneycontrol, MSNBC>>

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