Mistaken identities put innocent people in jail

Mistaken identities put innocent people in jail
Sometimes an innocent person 
does have something to fear.

The city of Denver, Colorado is being sued by the American Civil Liberties Union
for arresting and keeping people in jail who are the victims of mistaken

More than 500 people were wrongly imprisoned in Denver’s jails over seven years, with some spending weeks incarcerated or pleading guilty to crimes they did not commit before authorities realized they nabbed the wrong person, a federal court filing shows…

The wrongful arrests in Denver occurred for a variety of reasons. Often those wrongly held had the same names as criminals, but authorities failed to check their dates of birth. Some were wrongly arrested because their identities had been stolen. In other cases, the last name matched but not the first or middle.

It often took days and sometimes weeks before authorities realized they had the wrong person behind bars.

Read that first paragraph again. Why are some people "pleading guilty to crimes they did not commit"? Is it because, even though they’re completely innocent, they consider it their best option to get out of jail?

Read the complete article: Wrongfully jailed: Records detail more than 500 mistaken-identity arrests in Denver in seven years, The Denver Post>>
– The poster is from Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Wrong Man, which dramatized a real-life case of mistaken identity.

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