How to smuggle drugs from Mexico

How to smuggle drugs from Mexico
Use a "blind mule"

Mexican drug smugglers figured out a way to exploit the SENTRI pass system, which allows pre-approved drivers to cross the U.S. / Mexican border with minimal checks.

The smugglers spied on cars with SENTRI passes, looking for drivers with a predictable routine. They would follow a car on the Mexican side, copy down the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and attach a GPS tracking device. Then they would use the VIN to make two sets of keys. One set would be given to smugglers on the Mexican side, and the other set given to smugglers on the U. S. side. One night, the smugglers would secretly open the car and place two duffel bags, each full of 60 pounds of marijuana, inside the trunk. When the car passed safely through the border and arrived in the U. S., the drugs were retrieved.

The scheme was foiled, but not before an innocent man from Juarex was arrested and jailed as a drug mule.

How were the smugglers caught and the innocent man freed? In this case, consistency was not a virtue, and a smart man noticed a pattern…

Read the entire story: ‘Blind mules’ unknowingly ferry drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border, CNN International>>

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  1. It’s unfortunate how the drug mules will often be the victims of this big drug syndicates. There should be stringent laws enforced that will specifically cater to the borders.

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