Honoring famous fakes with fake stamps

Honoring famous fakes with fake stamps
The Tony Clifton stamp

A Chicago artist named TezOne, in a project called ImPOSTer, created fraudulent postage stamps and sent them through the mail to commemorate six contemporary imposters:

  1. David Hampton ("Six Degrees of Separation")
  2. Ferdinand Demara ("The Great Imposter")
  3. Frank Abagnale ("Catch Me if You Can")
  4. John Howard Griffin ("Black Like Me")
  5. Tony Clifton (Andy Kaufman character)
  6. Wilhelm Voight (fake Prussian army officer)

Wilhelm Voight’s impersonation of an army officer in the early 1900s resulted in a play and then movies. Years later, The Captain of Kopenick was celebrated in a real German postage stamp in 2006.

Honoring famous fakes with fake stamps
Der Hauptmann von Kopenick stamp

– Thanks to Wanderlust for the find.
– TewzOne>>
– Wilhelm Voigt, Wikipedia>>

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