He pranked them with his own hair

He pranked them with his own hair
He didn’t even have to buy a wig.

In a good prank, your victims either scream "Oh my God!" or they spontaneously laugh. (And then they throw your wig at you.)

Josh update his video. Go here for the new version>>

Wig from my own hair prank

Found thanks to Art of the Prank>>
Wig ad is from a 1970 ad for "great wig buys" at Found in Mom’s Basement>>

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5 thoughts on “He pranked them with his own hair

  1. ah hey! I just noticed you posted my video! thanks so much, and i’m glad you liked it!


  2. J:

    You’re obviously a master pranker. If you’ve got a longer version of your video, I’d love to post that as well.


  3. ha ha! Well ‘master’ i’m not sure of, but I was so happy that somehow, the idea came to my head. And I’ll definately share the longer version with you, I’m editing it as we speak and I think it’ll be maybe a month with my other projects until I can have it finished.

    But I’ll let you know when it’s ready, posting it would be fantastic!

    Thanks again,

  4. That would be great.

    (You know, humility is one of the signs of a "master prankster"…)

  5. I will!

    and ahhh, well I don’t know what else to say….Humility all the way then!


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