The good thing about lying is…

The good thing about lying is...
"There isn’t any duck!" 
He was grinning all over. 
My four-year-old nephew had 
discovered the joys of lying…

Novelist Clare Allan muses on lying by children, stick insects and her dog:

I was reading a book recently with my niece and nephew. On each page,
hidden somewhere in the picture, was a drawing of a small yellow duck.

My two-year-old niece took great delight in spotting the ducks and pointing them out to me. "Duck!" she’d go, "duck!"

But each time she did so her brother would jump in, saying: "No! There isn’t any duck!’
"It’s there," I’d say. "Look! She’s right. There’s a duck."

"There isn’t any duck!" he’d say.

"’It’s there!"

"There isn’t any duck!" He was grinning all over. My four-year-old nephew had discovered the joys of lying.

I don’t know how old I was when I told my first lie, but I’d
imagine something similar to my nephew. It doesn’t take children long to
progress from the fun of attaching words to things – "duck", "milk",
"car" to the even greater fun of attaching words to things that aren’t
there – or of making things up.

Read the rest at: Viewpoint: The good side of lying, BBC News Magazine>>

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