Free breast exam performed by kindly old doctor

Free breast exam performed by kindly old doctor
That was the offer by door-to-door 
physician Phillip Winikoff, aged 81

Phillip Winikoff went door to door in Coconut Creek, Florida carrying a little black back. When women answered, he said he was a doctor offering free breast exams on behalf of a local hospital.

Some people might have been skeptical, but Mr. Winikoff did convince one 36-year old woman that he was legitimate and began examining her.

Of course, he was not a doctor, and he had no medical training. Mr. Winikoff was actually a shuttle driver for an automobile dealership.

The woman realized her mistake after his breast exam began to stray away from her breasts and become more gynecological in nature.

She sent him away and called 911. But this did not deter him from his medical mission. He went to another door in the same apartment complex and convinced a second woman to let him examine her breasts as well.

He was caught and sentenced to a year in jail.

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  1. I hate to accuse any victims but Wow just Wow how stupid can these women be?

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