Firefighters fooled by fake fire hydrant

Firefighters fooled by fake fire hydrant
This inflatable version was not
designed for realism.

Firefighters in Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts were fooled when trying to put out a house fire when they tried to connect hoses to a fire hydrant that wasn’t real. Or, more accurately, it was a real fire hydrant, but it wasn’t hooked up to water since it was a standalone piece that was being used as a lawn ornament.

Some criticized the volunteer fire department for their confusion, especially since the hydrant was found inside a dog pen, but others responded that firefighters can’t be expected to know where all the real hydrants are during the adrenalin and confusion of fighting a fire.

If you want a hydrant of your own but don’t want a real one, you can always go the fake route with lightweight hydrants used as props for photo shoots and film work:

Firefighters fooled by fake fire hydrant
Some fake fire hydrants, such as this one 
made of "high quality architectural grade
resin and reinforced with fiberglass", 
look extremely realistic.

Firefighters fooled by fake fire hydrant
Just remember, don’t park in front of fire hydrants.

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