Fake rock used for spying on Russians

Fake rock used for spying on Russians
Discovery of this fake spy rock 
may have led to at least one death.

In 2006, Russian television broadcast footage of what they claimed were diplomats using a rock in a Moscow park for secretly transmitting information. In one clip, a man walks slowly by the rock and then speeds up. In another, a man picks up the rock.

Fake rock used for spying on Russians
In Moscow, it’s difficult to maintain your
spy rock without being observed.

The fake rock was hollow and contained electronic equipment for wirelessly transmitting and receiving data, possibly using Bluetooth technology.

In 2011, Britain admitted that yes, the report was true.

The original discovery of the spy rock deteriorated the relationship between the UK and Russia, and Russia used the discovery to crack down on non-governmental organizations, saying they were being secretly funded by Britain.

Some have speculated that the incident created conditions that eventually led to the poisoning death of dissident Alexander Litvinenko in London.

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