Exploiting victims after a tragedy

Exploiting victims after a tragedy
The bigger the disaster, the better your chances
to rip off these suckers and their families

Here’s how to scam the victims of disasters using social engineering tricks:

Wait for a big disaster to occur. Make sure there are people still missing and bodies not found.

Quickly create a web site that claims to help people find people who were lost. On your fake web site, ask friends and relatives of possible victims to fill out forms with the lost person’s name, and their address and email and phone numbers. Say you will help them in locating any loved ones.

Wait a little while.

Get the list of people who’ve left information at your website. Call all of them and say you’re from a charity (make up the name of one that’s specific to the tragedy.) Say your charity is helping people. Say you were personally affected too, because you lost someone. This will form an emotional bond with your victim. (Acting skills help here.) If you’re lucky, your victim has lost someone too, which will make the imaginary emotional bond stronger.

Ask for a charitable donation using your victim’s credit card. Now you have their name, address, a relative’s name and their credit card. You’re all set to commit identity fraud.

If you’re ambitious, call your victim again (disguise your voice) and pose as someone from their bank. Say you’re calling to verify the charitable charge. Tell them the best way for you to verify their identity is asking them for their social security number. Now you have another valuable piece of information, making your identity theft work even easier.

Just one of 5 tricks, rewritten from a scammer’s perspective: 5 more dirty tricks: Social engineers’ latest pick-up lines. Today’s social engineers are getting very specific in their plans to manipulate their marks. Network World>>

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