The Case of the Mustachioed Neighbor

The Case of the Mustachioed Neighbor
The burglar might have considered this charming 
integrated hat and facial hair combo as a disguise.

A couple in Salt Lake City had a stash of money –  $23,000 – in their home.  At some point they noticed that almost $7,000 to $8,000 had been stolen from their box. Where had it gone? They wisely put most of the remaining money in the bank, left a small amount of money as bait and set up a surveillance camera to watch the box.

When more money went missing, they checked their secret video, which showed a mustached man in a big suit with a beanie cap pulled low over his face.

But the man looked familiar. And it wasn’t a man at all. It was their neighbor, Manar Ahmad, a woman who they’d previously given their key so she could house-sit for them.

When the police were called and the victims relayed their suspicions, Ms. Ahmad told the police: Sure, it’s okay if the police searched her home. Inside, the officers found a suit, a beanie hat and a fake mustache that matched the ones in the video. And the victim’s house key.

The lessons of this story?

For the victims:

  • Don’t keep lots of easy-to-find cash in your house.

For the crook, I’ve got even more:

  1. If you’ve committed a crime, don’t let the cops search your home without a warrant.
  2. If the cops want to search your home, you’re probably a suspect, so you should get rid of any evidence.
  3. If you’re going to invest in a disguise, find one that actually disguises you.
  4. Finally, if you’re going to steal, you might not want to steal from the neighbors who’ve given you a key to their home.

– Charges: Woman dresses as man with mustache to steal from neighbors, Deseret News>>
– Beardhead Beanie Mustache Cap Mask Hat, Etsy>>

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