Bomb threats and the teenage brain

Bomb threats and the teenage brain
Teenagers have underdeveloped frontal lobes, 
which may impair their judgement.

A student brought a scribbled note he found in his high school bathroom to the assistant principal. It said:

bomb high school 1-18

Schools take these types of threats very seriously.

The police arrived, and so did the fire department. One half hour after the note was found, buses came and evacuated all 400-plus students.

Emergency Code Red alerts were sent to parents.

Less than an hour later, the state bomb squad arrived and swept the building with a group of trained dogs.

Nothing explosive was found.

Thomaston High School in Litchfield, Connecticut was safe.

However, when police interviewed the boy who found the note, they noted "some inconsistencies."

They discovered that he was the one who had written the bomb threat. Why?

He wanted to get out of a math test.

– Thomaston Student, 17, Who Claimed to Find Bomb Threat Note Is Arrested for Hoax, Litchfield County Times>>
– Bomb scare evacuates Thomaston High School, students sent home, The Register Citizen>>
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