An amateur fails at the “dead daughter con”

An amateur fails at the "dead daughter con"
Some people are just no good at forgery.

Another dead relative scam.

Joan Barnett, who worked for a New York City school, really wanted to go on vacation. Presumably she was out of vacation time, so she hatched a devious plan.

She had one of her daughters call her work and say that a daughter had a heart attack in Costa Rica.

Then she had another daughter call later that day and say that the daughter stricken with a heart attack had died and they all had to attend her funeral in Costa Rica.

Ms. Barnett, who did not have a dead daughter, was gone for two and half weeks.

And she might have gotten away with it, too, except that she was a lousy forger. The fake death certificate she faxed as proof of her daughter’s death had fonts that were different and "not properly aligned," said an investigator.

When he contacted the Costa Rican government, they said the identification number on the certificate showed it had been issued for a man in 2005, some years before her daughter was supposed to have died.

More significantly, the government also said that Costa Rica does not even issue death certificates in the five years prior to a person’s date of death.

Investigators looked at when Ms. Barnett had purchased her airline tickets, and discovered that she had booked her flight three weeks before her daughter’s sudden death.

When confronted with this evidence, Ms. Barnett still insisted that her daughter had died. To prove it, she gave them a new death certificate with a new month and year…

She eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, and lost her job.

New York City school employee faked her child’s death to get extra vacation, New York Daily News>>

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