The “$2,000 for a pound of chocolate” scam

The "$2,000 for a pound of chocolate" scam
Is "we’re the most expensive chocolate in the world" 

just a deceptive marketing ploy?

Chocolate should not cost $2,000 a pound.

It’s been said that it takes much more effort to debunk a lie than to tell a lie. Case in point is this long investigative article by the DallasFood blog that tries to explain why a certain brand of chocolate, called Noka, costs so much. (Or as they prefer to spell it: NoKA Chocolate.)

Is the outrageous expense for Noka’s chocolate justified or are the Noko chocolate makers guilty of deception?

The quick answer: It’s deceptive, and you’re a friggin’ idiot if you buy Noka chocolate.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about chocolate, cocoa beans or the difference between a "chocolate maker" and a "chocolatier / "confectioner", this one’s for you.

The existence of the article also points out why you don’t want to lie to foodies who really love their chocolate:

An individual’s passion for chocolate could be expressed through a number of commercial avenues. One avenue would be to become involved in the production of chocolate from the bean, as a number of enterprising souls across America are doing. Another would be to study, train, and apprentice in the chocolatier’s art, mastering necessary techniques and developing good taste and judgment, as so many chocolatiers I’ve referenced in these reports have done. Another would be to open a specialty shop (online and/or bricks & mortar) to make available to the public the products of quality chocolate makers and chocolatiers. Any business like that would be welcome in Dallas. But that’s not Noka.

The article slamming Noka was written in 2006. As of 2011, Dallas Magazine says that Noka Chocolate is out of business.

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