Your ears may never recover from this music

Your ears may never recover from this music
The album cover for "Sing Along with
Jonathan and Darlene Edwards"

Pianist Jonathan Edwards and singer Darlene Edwards made a series of albums. They were "discovered" as a lounge act working in New Jersey. You can explore their unique sound by starting with their version of Paris in the Spring, or listen to one of their last recordings, a remarkable cover of the Bee Gee’s song Staying Alive (the flip side of the single was Helen Reddy’s I am Woman.)

As many listeners have said, their work is unbelievable. You must hear them to believe them.

Seriously, you’ve been warned.

Paris in the Spring by Jonathan and Darlene

"Staying Alive" 1979 cover by Jonathan and Darlene

YouTube has more:

– Jonathan & Darlene Edwards – "Moonlight Bay">>
– Jonathan & Darlene Edwards – "I Am Woman" (yes, the Helen Reddy song)>>

Darlene Edwards is related to the wonderful singer Jo Stafford>>

Jo Stafford – You Belong to Me

You may have heard the music of Jonathan and Darlene Edwards if you’ve ever seen this film directed by John Landis right before he directed Animal House. They sing the opening credits.

Kentucky Fried Movie Opening Credits

– I found out about this duo thanks to Metafilter: "We were originally from Trenton, and I performed at a lot of PTA functions." Metafilter>>
– Jonathan and Darlene Edwards in Paris, Wikipedia>>
– The cover illustration of their album is by artist Jack Davis, from Drew Friedman’s blog>>
– They have both passed away, but you can still buy their album Jonathan and Darlene’s Greatest Hits>>
I think some of their songs would make great gifts.

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  1. Someone needs to make a video of John Travolta walking down the street to their version of Staying Alive. Now. Right now.

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