Women with beards attack French sexism

Women with beards attack French sexism
It’s media-savvy to be an attractive bearded woman.

A group of feminist women in France, called "La Barbe" – which means "beard", "Enough!",  and "boring" – tackles sexism in France by protesting while wearing fake beards.

Co-founder Harriet Hirshorn explains what happens when they protest at an event:

First we climb up on the stage wearing beards and [the men] are thinking, ‘What is going on?’ and then we start reading from something that says, ‘Bravo! Look at what a great job you’ve done [keeping women out]! And we start listing their names [to ‘congratulate’ them] … and in the beginning, the men would say, ‘Yes?’, responding to someone calling out their names as if it were roll call. So it was very funnyI think the confusion helps us because by the time they get their bearings again and realize this is a protest, it’s sort of too late and the message has been heard.

Co-founder Marie de Cenival:

We go and crash [meetings] wearing our beards, just to give them a mirror to look at themselves-and without saying anything we make it clear that we are among them…[and] are showing that you apparently need to have some hair on your face to be part of this club. Now everybody’s counting the men in the media. … It really had an impact in how the media started talking about feminism again; stopped criticizing it, and started writing papers about the structure of male power in society.

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