We stole $285,000… let’s spend it!

We stole $285,000... let's spend it!
If you jump out of a plane without
a parachute, the end is inevitable.

Two women in California stole a $19,500 check that was sent to the Newport Beach law firm where one worked as a paralegal. Then the check was altered to read $285,000 and deposited in their joint account.

However, roommates Alexa Johzen Polar and Robin Antonella Pabello, both in their early 30s, did not flee the country to live the good life.

Instead, they used the stolen money to charter a private jet, flew to New York City with friends, rented five hotel rooms in Times Square, and shopped at Tiffany & Co. and Montblanc.

We stole $285,000... let's spend it!
Alexa Polar and Robin Pabello posted
photos of their trip on Facebook.

Then the women returned to California and were making plans to live in a $3.7 million, 11,000 square foot house.

Of course, the bank that originally issued the check rejected it, and the women were caught.

They each face over 6 years in prison.

If this were fiction, we’ve missed the part where they’re lesbian lovers and one of them has a fatal brain tumor.

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  1. They sound like DB Cooper here. I’m just wondering how anybody can jump out of a plane without a chute? For sure, that was one terrible mess for their lawyer to handle.

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