The wanted man who wasn’t that hard to see

The wanted man who wasn't that hard to see
Real on the left, fictional TV character on the right.

Ji Siguang is accused of assaulting a police officer 13 years ago during a robbery in China. His accomplices were caught, but he escaped.

He moved around from place to place but eventually settled in Zhejiang, a city with a large film-making industry. He began acting as an extra in TV programs. Under the pseudonym Zhang Guofeng, he appeared over 30 times on Chinese TV.

He was caught through an anonymous tip.

One of his earlier roles was in the TV series Lurk, where he played an intelligence agent. The show was about a man (played by actor Sun Hong Lei) who pretended to be an ordinary person while spying for the government.

– Chinese fugitive evades police for 13 years – by becoming TV actor. Ji Siguang, who was playing a Buddhist monk in the series Shaolin Tigers, arrested over 1998 assault of police officer. The Guardian>>
– Fugitive-turned TV actor arrested in China, Want China Times>>

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