The unintentional Coldplay hoax

The unintentional Coldplay hoax
The band Coldplay is playing 
a concert in Manila!

Roe Alfaro may not have realized that his assignment for a computer graphics class would end up being taken as serious news:

Okay. Guys, this is just a poster I made for my Computer Graphics class.
It’s not intended to spread any rumors or something. I know it’s a bit
disappointing for pushing up your hopes. I’m a fan of Coldplay too. I
just want them here as much as you want them too. Anyway, I’m so sorry
this kind of thing happened. 🙂

Promoter Dayly Entertainment, whose logo Mr. Alfaro used on the poster, had to issue an official denial on Facebook and Twitter to quash the rumors that Coldplay was actually going to play a concert.

I don’t know what grade Mr. Alfaro got for his graphic design skills, but his hoaxing skills should have earned him an A.

Coldplay in Manila Hoax : Person Behind the Fake Poster Revealed, Zimbio, Philippines News>>

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