Selling clothing using women’s fake bodies

Selling clothing using women's fake bodies
This model wearing red lingerie 
looks real, doesn’t she?

H&M sells clothing. But to make it easier to model their clothes on their website, some of their models are fake. They  paste different heads on computer-created bodies so they can show "different" models. In the two examples I pulled off their website, I found two types of model heads selling two different types of thong and bra lingerie. The body contours are the same, but they have different heads, and the red lingerie model sports freckled skin.

Click on a photo to enlarge it, and then move back and forth between each photo. It is a bit creepy.

Selling clothing using women's fake bodies
Haven’t I seen you before, 
black lingerie woman?
(Or was it just your body?)

From a production standpoint, it makes sense to use these virtual mannequins. The company can easily dress real-world mannequins with their clothing, take photos of the clothes and get them online much faster than if they had to do an actual photo shoot with real models.

But some are decrying the deception, saying that just like overenthusiastic Photoshopping, the practice presents a false image of women’s bodies. Others have said it is unfair to real models, since the company doesn’t have to pay them as much if they only use the model’s heads. (That is, if the heads are real…)

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