Murdered for a pair of new sneakers?

Murdered for a pair of new sneakers?
The dead man’s nickname was "Teek Teek."

Eighteen-year old Tyreek Amir Jacobs of Washington D.C. was tragically murdered when crazed shoppers killed him while he was trying to buy a newly released version of the limited edition Air Jordan Concords sneakers.

Readers were outraged. The news traveled throughout the internet. Crowds of shoppers had been fighting over the shoes, and now a young man was dead.

When Sidney Boahen from London England saw a photo of the victim, he realized he knew him, and he also realized it was impossible.

That’s because the photo of Mr. Jacobs was actually a photo of Sidney Boahen. There was no such person as Mr. Jacobs. He was made up as a hoax, and the photo of Mr. Boahen was used to complete the deception.

Mr. Boahen’s photo was taken five years ago and, unknown to him, had been sold to a stock photo agency. That was the photo that became the fake photo of Mr. Jacobs.

London man depicted as Tyreek Amir Jacobs speaks: "I’m actually alive", The Baltimore Sun>>

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