If we think it’s fake, our brain views it as fake

If we think it's fake, our brain views it as fake
If you think this is a fake Rembrandt,
will your brain not like it as much?

From a BBC article:

Art lovers looking at a painting they think is fake have an entirely different response from those who think it is genuine, say researchers…

The study scanned the brains of people as they viewed images of Rembrandt portraits – some authentic and others which were imitations and fakes…

This found that the responses to viewing an authentic old master were deeply pleasurable, likened to tasting good food or winning a bet.

This warm glow of aesthetic pleasure was absent when the viewers looked at an image they had been told was fake. Instead the brain activity was associated with strategy and planning, as though the subject was trying to work out why this was not an authentic painting.

– ‘Fake’ paintings trick viewers in brain scan test, BBC>>
– Closeup of a section of Rembrandt’s painting Danae, Oceansbridge>>

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