How to steal donated clothes from a charity

How to steal donated clothes from a charity
Please donate clothes to me, sucker

A man in Amityville, New York had a great scam going. Instead of stealing individual items from inside charity donation boxes, he replaced the entire box and stole everything.

First, he took the large outside donation bins that collected clothing for a breast cancer charity, stripped off the markings of the real charity, and repainted the boxes with his own fake charity, which he called "Donations International Helping Hand." He waited for people to donate, collected the clothes, and sold the donations for profit.

Unfortunately, someone from the real charity – Breast Cancer Help, Inc. – was technologically savvy, and had placed GPS tracking devices inside the boxes. Police tracked one stolen box’s location and found two other boxes in the process of being stripped and repainted.

Cesar Antonio Martinez-Duran, age 29, and another man who was repainting the boxes, were arrested.

Mr. Martinez-Duran had very ambitious plans for his charity. He’d scattered 40 fake collection bins around Long Island.

Man arrested for stealing clothing donation bins, ABC Local News Long Island>>

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  1. What tracking device did you have in the donation boxes. I have had several boxes stolen.


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