Don’t mess with the toucan, man

Don't mess with the toucan, man
"Squawk! I’m a nonprofit toucan."

I read a Los Angeles Times news story which said that a nonprofit’s logo was thought to be deceptive:

Kellogg’s feathers are ruffled over a case of too many toucans.

The cereal giant has asked a Bay Area Mayan nonprofit organization to remove an image of the tropical bird in its logo, claiming that it could be confused with Kellogg’s trademarked Froot Loops mascot, Toucan Sam.

The San Ramon-based Maya Archaeology Initiative said its toucan looks nothing like Kellogg’s cartoon and that the two birds aren’t in competition…

Then I find this story, written three months later, which seems to prove that it’s better to cooperate rather than have a bird fight:

In a joint statement Kellogg Company and the Maya Archaeology Initiative (MAI) announced today that Kellogg is making a $100,000 contribution to help launch one of the MAI’s priority projects to improve the lives of the Maya people in a region rich in cultural heritage but lacking in access to education and economic opportunities.

A less commercial toucan gives an opinion:

A real toucan squawks

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