Dismembered body parts found by geocachers

Dismembered body parts found by geocachers
There were no jellybeans in this jar.

One Sunday afternoon, Jessica Cogan and her boyfriend Connel Smola were geocaching in the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Illinois. They were using a GPS device to locate a container hidden by another player in their geocaching game, and right around where the treasure should be, they discovered a jar in a tree stump.

Inside the jar was a human finger and tongue.

The jar was not part of the game, and hadn’t been placed there by the man hiding the treasure.

"It freaked the hell out of me," said Ms. Cogan.

Police and the medical examiner were called and the remains were examined. They were found to be "non-biological."

Said a police spokesman:  "Everything was rubber; it was a hoax."

Fingers, tongue found in jar in forest preserve turn out to be fake, Chicago Tribune>>

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