Creative people cheat more. Why?

Creative people cheat more. Why?
Is it because we’re devils 
who want to seem like angels?

Is there a link between creativity and dishonesty? 

"In most cases, we basically want to behave dishonestly, but we also want to view ourselves as good, honorable people. So we try to steal as much as we can without hurting our own image in our own eyes." – Dan Ariely, psychologist, Duke University

Dan Ariely did a study, and found that when people got the opportunity to cheat, most of them cheated. He did further studies with Francesca Gino of Harvard. They wondered if certain types of people cheated more, and in their experiments, they found that if you’re more creative, you do more cheating.

But why is that? It could be because creative people are smarter and can more easily rationalize why their cheating is okay. Says Ariely:

"It’s all about telling stories… so creative people
are likely to be able to tell themselves better stories, which would
allow them to cheat more on the one hand, but not feel worse about it on
the other."

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