Are severed finger crackers deceptive?

Are severed finger crackers deceptive?
A meditation on disgusting crackers

In my philosophy of deception, the fake crackers shown above, marketed as "Gore May Crackers", do not belong. Why? Well, despite the fact that they’re made of plastic and may not even look like real food close up, would you be deceived if you were served them? Would you think: "Oh my God my host has given me a cracker with an actual severed human finger!" (I’m ignoring the worm cookies.) You probably not think you were being served actual human body parts, unless you go to much more intense parties than I attend. You’d more likely think: "That’s gross!" or "That’s funny!" But you wouldn’t be deceived.

To deceive someone, you’d have to serve them something else, like plastic crackers that look like real crackers. Put some real cheese on them, and then give them to your guests. Now you’ve fooled them.

Are severed finger crackers deceptive?
Fake plastic water crackers

But if your intention was to fool them and to disgust them, you’ve lost. All you’ve done is pranked them by giving them a plastic cracker they can’t eat.

So what happens when you serve these?

Are severed finger crackers deceptive?
Human poop cupcake

I assume your guests know you’re just as unlikely to serve cupcakes topped with human excrement as you are to serve crackers topped with severed rat heads, so these crap cupcakes should be just as "fake" as rat head cupcakes.

I predict that the human poop cupcake will be more disgusting and "deceptive" than the severed rat cracker. Why?

My hypothesis is that because most of us are more familiar with our body’s waste than severed fingers or rats heads, we’d have a more accessible, disgusting and visceral reaction to the poopcakes.

Is this fertile ground for some kind of research grant?

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