She’s a con woman with many names – Maria Gia Christina Johnson Hendricks

She's a con woman with many names - Maria Gia Christina Johnson Hendricks
Her real name is Maria Christina Johnson

She’s a con-artist who was born in 1971.

With no permanent address, she stays with people she’s just met.

She’s currently married to a man named Chris Hainka. They’re not currently seeing each other. They met on the Internet in 2010, dated for 8 months, and then got married. He kicked her out after saying she stole thousands of dollars from his friends to give him a $5,000 birthday party. He gives her props for fooling him.

She has a few stories she uses:

  • "I’m from Miami."
  • "I’m a wealthy socialite."
  • "I run a modeling agency."
  • "I’m associated with the Hendrick Motorsports NASCAR Racing Team."

She's a con woman with many names - Maria Gia Christina Johnson Hendricks
She’s not associated with the Hendrick
Motorsports NASCAR Racing Team.

She went home with a man she met in a bar. She stole his credit card, and within a few days, she had charged over $9,000 on the stolen card, including $2,000 at a clothing store. She also bought a bicycle.

She does not own a motor vehicle.

She does dress very well, in designer clothes.

She uses multiple fake names:

  • Maria Hendricks
  • Maria Johnson
  • Christina Johnson
  • Gia Johnson
  • Gia Hendricks

When she pretended to be Gia Hendricks, the head of a modeling agency, she hired a woman named Stephanie Younger as her assistant. She got Ms. Younger’s bank account information so she could be paid as an employee. She told Ms. Younger she could even withdraw a little extra from that account. The checks bounced, and "Gia Hendricks" vanished.

Ms. Younger created a Facebook profile and set up a trap to catch "Gia Hendricks."

Maria Christina Johnson is 5’ 5" tall, weighs 154 pounds and has a tattoo of Orion on her lower back.

It might look something like this:

She's a con woman with many names - Maria Gia Christina Johnson Hendricks
A tattoo of the constellation Orion.
In Greek mythology, Orion was a hunter.

She is wanted for similar crimes in Washington and Oregon.

She's a con woman with many names - Maria Gia Christina Johnson Hendricks
She is a convicted felon

She spent two years and five months in prison for bail jumping, identity theft, forgery and the fraudulent use of checks.

Currently I don’t have the details, but Ms. Younger’s Facebook sting was successful, and Maria Christina Johnson was arrested.

She's a con woman with many names - Maria Gia Christina Johnson Hendricks
This is where Ms. Johnson was arrested,
on the corner of North Cahuenga and
Odin Street, in Hollywood, California.

The day after she was arrested (and her story and photo appeared in the local news), almost a dozen more potential victims contacted police.

– Manhattan Beach police bust alleged con-artist, "Gia Hendricks", Easy Reader News>>
– ‘Sexy’ ID Thief Wanted in 3 States Busted in Hollywood, KTLA Los Angeles>>
– Foxy female con artist busted by Facebook sting, 10 News WTSP>>
– North Cahuenga Boulevard / Odin Street, Google Street view>>

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18 thoughts on “She’s a con woman with many names – Maria Gia Christina Johnson Hendricks

  1. I removed the above comment from an Anonymous person who said things like this:

    "She is a black hole. No amount of love, compassion or friendship registers with her. She is probably the only true sociopath I have ever met. DO NOT TRUST HER!!! She is truly evil…"

    And the person goes on, even leaving Ms. Johnson’s cell phone number (whether real or not I don’t know.)

    The problem with statements like this is that they might be considered defamation or libel.

    As the Electronic Freedom Foundation states:

    "Generally, defamation is a false and unprivileged statement of fact that is harmful to someone’s reputation, and published "with fault," meaning as a result of negligence or malice."

    The facts I wrote about in my post come from various reputable news sources.

    Anonymous comments that attack someone do not.

  2. So, according to you, comments like,
    "This bitch still owes me $400.00", and "She also abandoned her 3 year old son – and never made contact after leaving", (this statement is false)
    are reputable comments? What a moron you are..
    Just for the record since you don’t seem to know, "in the United States, the person must prove that the statement was false, caused harm, and was made without adequate research into the truthfulness of the statement. These steps are for an ordinary citizen."
    What was posted is purely opinion based upon recent, indefensible events and "Freedom of speech is protected in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights and is guaranteed to all Americans".

  3. "Causing Harm" would mean that she would have to prove that she suffered financially based on my statements alone. My comments were actually benevolent compared to the others.

  4. The problem is that I don’t know exactly where to draw the legal line, and I don’t want to get my butt hauled into court because of a blog post comment.

    And even though we may disagree on certain points, I think we can both agree on one thing – you from personal experience and me from research – and that is that Ms. Johnson is a decidedly unpleasant person to be around.

    Hell, she’s even causing problems when we merely talk about her.

  5. When you post anything about her…you are safe. But you must not feel sorry for her because that is the only thing she needs to undo you.

  6. She is an amazing liar and con artist never in my life have i experienced such great manipulation…i dont think ive ever seen an actress portray someone they are COMPLETE opposite of as a person so well. i just hope her next victims take the time to look this sad pathetic excuse of life to stay away from her..although i cant see too many people wanting to associate withh a fat whale looking thief who admits her vagina even after 18 months in prison "is not as tight as most women" sorry maria ii know you confided in me but after draining my accounts i think thats the least i can do..and ya your strech marks around your private area arent getting any lighter with that cream, just give it up..your fat, shot out, you smell, and you have a tore up looking vag*** yucky!

  7. The fact that any one is still dicussing me and at this length is awful. I will admit I have made some very poor choices, have hurt people who didn’t deserve it. At least I can say yes I at one point in my life was a very sad excuse of a person.. I’m thankful because I decided to stop living lie cause that’s all I done my whole life. I don’t live that way any more and today I can hold my head up and love me. Talk about me all you want I more than paid my dues for my wrongs, but all this other stuff its not necessary nor true. Many blessings, Maria

  8. Maria:

    I believe that everyone deserves a second chance.

    I don’t know you personally – all the information I’ve heard about you comes from other sources.

    If you’d like, you can use this as a forum to explain what’s true about your life – now or in the past – or to explain how you’ve turned your life around.

    You can write in the comments or send me an email.

  9. bobdomeros AT

    Replace the "AT" sign with the "@" sign.

  10. Get a life people. I was actually married to her and I could care less than you.

  11. Maria Christina Johnson. I find it comical you are trying to defend yourself on the internet. Bob Brown. Just typing your name says it all…lol. You should totally give Maria her (cough cough) second chance. Carry on you bright, intellectual, astounding members of society….

  12. Hey Maria Christina Johnson, remember when you tried to murder me with poison in my dinner and I puked up blood violently for 2 days? I bet you wish that worked out in your favor. You failed princess.

  13. I must confess I don’t fully understand all of these comments.

    And now someone is accusing Ms. Johnson of attempted murder. Hmm. EIther trolls have infected this comment thread or she has inflamed passions to such a degree that the line between truth and fiction has become blurred enough that I need to go watch the movie "Mulholland Drive" again. Maybe that will sort things out…

  14. Maria has left a very long trail of fraud behind her in Oregon that she skipped bail on. She also abandoned her 3 year old son – and never made contact after leaving. I’m hoping they extradite her ass back to Oregon and Washington, because the judges up here have threatened to throw the book at her the next time she appears before them.

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