Ripping off Medicare with a fake medical device

Ripping off Medicare with a fake medical device
An earlier questionable medical product

from 1925 used a blue light bulb

Gary Winner’s company phoned Medicare patients and offered them free medical equipment and supplies.

Once he had their information, he would send the diabetes patients an unnecessary "medical" device that he claimed would help their "bladder control, urinary flow and prostate comfort." He billed Medicare $284 each for these devices, which he bought for $26 each from adult websites.

He defrauded Medicare of millions of dollars for this unnecessary equipment.

Mr. Winner said the devices treated erectile dysfunction, but prosecutors said the penis pumps served no medical purpose.

He pleaded guilty and must return $2.2 million to the government.

It probably didn’t help his case when his employees heard him say:

"It doesn’t cost the client anything as the government is paying for it, and that the government would just print more money, so order more."

Ripping off Medicare with a fake medical device
 Prostate Gland Warmer from 1925

Actually, unlike the "prostate gland warmer" shown above, an actual device shown at the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices, penis pumps do have an actual medical purpose for men with erectile dysfunction.

Ripping off Medicare with a fake medical device
A penis pump

However, Mr. Winner made a few errors. One, he was sending his products out unsolicited, and two, his pumps were not medical devices but novelty devices created for the adult market to purportedly enhance the size of members of that adult market.

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