A Muslim sex story

A Muslim sex story
She wants to build a mansion in paradise

This sex tale is about the Sufi trickster Cogia Nasreddin and his wife. It’s from the book The Turkish Jester; Or, The Pleasantries Of Cogia Nasr eddin Efendi, written in 1884:

One day the Cogia’s wife went to the hall of preaching; and, after listening to the sermon, came home. 

Said the Cogia, "O wife, what did the preacher say?" 

"He said," replied the wife, "that if any one has a night’s copulation with his lawful wife the Almighty God will build for him a mansion in paradise." 

After they had gone to bed the Cogia said, "Come, let us build a house in paradise."

Thereupon they copulated.

Shortly afterwards the wife said, "O Cogia, you have built a house for yourself, pray now build a house for me!" 

Said the Cogia, "I could easily build a house for you, but I fear that I should have to build houses for your father and mother, and not only for them, but for all your family and relations, so that the Master Builder above would become angry. Come, one house must suffice for us two."

– Nasreddin>>
The Turkish Jester; Or, The Pleasantries Of Cogia Nasr eddin Efendi
– Photo is of Turkish actress Tuvana Turkay

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